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Chapter 9

Sora woke to the crinkling sounds of Kairi's diaper as she rolled over to her side. As he tried to regain his composure, the young boy started to panic, he wasn't sure where he was and why he was in a locked cage.

The brunette took a glimpse at Kairi, who was sleeping soundly which gave him some composure.

“That's right, I'm with Kairi and...We are...Safe?” Sora was unsure of himself as he positioned himself onto his knees.

Sora took a quick glimpse of his dark surroundings. He first realized that he wasn't locked in a cage, but rather a crib which provided him a sense of protection, but still  left him with more questions as to why he felt that way.

“Something doesn't feel right. It's almost as if I don't want to leave my crib. Why should I? My whole world is here and nothing else matters.” Sora stated in his mind while noticing that it was already in the middle of the night as he saw through a glass window on the other end of the room.

The young boy quickly forgoes anything else concerning him as he quickly places his thumb back into his mouth and falls back onto his padded rear end. The soft impact causes Sora to crack a small smile.

“It's past my bedtime, I need to get some sleep so that way I can finish building the ship tomorrow and leave this place.” Sora gently closed his eyes as he put the back of his head on a plush pillow. For the next couple minutes, he gently sucked on his thumb as he started to doze off.

“WAHHHH!” A loud noise that echoed thorough the nursery which caused Sora to bite his thumb so hard that he immediately sat up not proud at the pain he caused himself..

“Geez, that really hurt. Why was I sucking my thumb? And why do I need to sleep in a crib? Furthermore...” Sora's train of thought was interrupted by the sudden need to figure out the source of the noise that awoke him from his slumbering state.

“Ka...KAIRI!? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” Sora held the crying girl to his side, worried that something had attacked her.

“Could have it been the Heartless? They do spawn on this world, I should have been more careful!” Sora unleashed his Keyblade in frustration. He knew that as long as Kairi was right by his side that she would be a prime target for dark entities that consume and destroy..

Sora was about to jump out of the crib until he sniffed a foul odor in the air, which caused him to drop his weapon.

The young boy had a disgusted look on his face as he quickly pressed his hand on his padded bottom, which caused him to take a deep sigh of relief to not feel anything out of the ordinary inside his diaper.

“Kairi...You couldn't have” Sora was at a loss of words as he narrowed the source of the putrid smell.

Sora quickly fell onto his knees again as Kairi forced her face into the boy's chest, catching him off guard.

Sora knew that Kairi had to have felt humiliated at what she had just done to herself. He wanted to  offer some words of encouragement, but he couldn't find anything verbally proper to say.

“I'm sorry that you messed yourself...No, sorry that you just messed yourself in a diaper. What in the world is going on here?” Sora's stated in his mind as he tried to grasp the situation..

The door to the nursery opened with a concerned look on Abyssal's face as she rushed over to the crib.

“OH, what's the matter, my little princess? Did someone have a tiny accident?” Abyssal lowered the railings and gently picked Kairi off the mattress and held the sobbing red head on her shoulder.

“Looks like someone could use a fresh diapy!” Abyssal stated with a babyish tone.

Sora could only look on in awe. He was perplexed by what he was witnessing, he knew there was something very  wrong going on, but couldn't find the means to act against it.

Kairi wasn't thinking at the moment with the exception of her infantile instincts taking over. But soon she started to find herself becoming more relaxed as Abyssal began to hum a soft lullaby as she cradled the girl in her arms.

Sora could feel his body become less tense as the soft sounds of Abyssal's voice started to have an effect on both his physical and physiological state.

“I've got nothing to worry about, mommy is here to take care of her, I wonder if she will check me next?” Sora thought to himself as he took a seat on the edge of the crib while playing with his toes.

“Before the incident in this world, this was the one chore I didn't exactly enjoy, but now...It's amazing how one's outlook on life can change in such a moment. While not physically an infant, she is just as adorable as one...Plus the hidden powers that she wields, I can feel it assimilating into my body.” Abyssal thought to herself.

It won't be long now...Kingdom Hearts...But for now, my daughter needs to be properly changed.  A clean baby, is a happy baby.” Abyssal smirked with a look of content as she wiped  Kairi's lower half.

“Thanks mommy” Kairi stated as she calmed down in her drowsy state.

“Anytime sweetheart.” Abyssal finished taping on Kairi's new diaper and quickly threw the used one in the trash bin at the corner of the room.

“Ugh...What time...Is it?” Kairi tried to mutter some words together  while drooling a bit.

“It's way past your bedtime, that's what it is, don't you agree, Sora?” Abyssal watched the boy nod his head with a smile as he continued to focus on his wiggling toes.

“Sora's...Here? I need to help...With ship and...HMPH!” A pacifier was placed into the Kairi's mouth, which caused her to forget her previous arrangements and just focus on suckling on the item in her mouth.

“You just worry about getting some proper sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for you and your brother. We will take the next step in becoming closer as a family.” Abyssal finished buttoning up Kairi's onesie before placing the young girl back into the crib with Sora.

“So what's the verdict on you, little man?” Abyssal stated with an eager look on her face as she picked up Sora with ease and started to check his diaper.

“This will only take a minute, my little hero.” Abyssal stated as found him to be clean.

“Such a good baby, yes you are!” Abyssal pinched Sora's cheek which caused him to swipe her hand away as he fell onto his butt on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Sora asked with confusion as he tried to stand on both his feet.

“It cannot be!? He still has the willpower to evade my ability at this stage?” Abyssal became worried that she had underestimated the Keyblade wielder and that her plans had taken a serious setback.

“I'M...I'M SO SLEEPY!” Sora yelled out before yawning out loud and stretching his arms.

“Wow...That was unexpected.” Abyssal swiped a sweat drop from her forehead and then carefully placed a pacifier in Sora's mouth which he accepted without any resistance,

“You are a grumpy and silly baby...And my trump card .” Abyssal thought to herself as she gently picked up the tired boy and placed Sora beside Kairi inside the crib.

“By this time tomorrow, my only worry should be about making sure that I have plenty of diapers for my children.”Abyssal kissed the two on their cheeks before lifting the railings and exiting the nursery.

“When was the last time I felt this way...”Abyssal stated to herself as she closed the door quietly while holding her hands to her chest. Her thoughts were filled with hope and love. She would no longer have to endure the darkness alone, she had two new additions to her family. She knew that she had chosen well.

“But before I call it a night myself, I will need to scout the area. I can sense the blood lust of the shadow Heartless,...They should have realized that these two are my pray and mine alone.” Abyssal stated in her mind as a dark aura surrounded her body as she headed out to the front door.

“I knew it, Abyssal is not normal, at least not in an evil way...I think.” Sora turned his head to see Kairi sleeping without a care in the world.

“I need to get Kairi off this world. She isn't safe here...But she looks so...At peace. Am I making the right choice?” Sora was deep in thought as he tried to decide what was best for his childhood friend.

“Maybe this is for the best? I mean, Kairi is safe and I can be around her forever. I don't see how this is any different from being with her on Destiny Islands. Kairi,me...And.” Sora stopped sucking on the pacifier as he figured out the reason he was traveling through different worlds and fighting off the Heartless.

“RIKU!” Sora  yelled to himself as his pacifier hits the mattress.

“That's right, I need to find Riku...and help Donald and Goofy find their King. I don't have the luxury of staying idle here. When morning comes around, I'll tell Abyssal how urgent it is to leave this world and find my friend...

Sora yawned as he placed his head back onto the pillow and casually grabs the pacifier that he dropped and gently places it back into his mouth.

“But for now, I really need to get some sleep, it really is past my bedtime.” Sora curled up with his blanket as he suckled away at the item in his mouth.

“I kind of figured you would be attracted to the strong hearts residing at my residence, but I'm sure you beasts that live off instinct, understand that I'm stronger than you and the penalty for getting in my way will be...Oblivion.” Abyssal raised her right hand in the air as a dark mist surrounded it, then within a few seconds a dark broadsword materialized in its place.

Nearly two dozen Shadow Heartless surrounded Abyssal, slowly approaching her.

“Come...I could use the practice.” Abyssal raised her left hand to tempt the Heartless.

“...Even though were are very much alike, I still have a future and as for the rest of you...Fading back into darkness is your fate.”

As if they shared the same mind, all the Shadow Heartless jumped in sync as they tried to overwhelm Abyssal.

The young black haired woman extended her arm and unleashed a large wave of dark energy that consumed the Heartless and the surrounding area, leaving nothing but dust and debris in her wake.

“I should have a drink before I call it a night.” Abyssal stated as she snapped her neck a bit before heading back inside the house.

Chapter 10

Sora rolled his head so he could get in a more comfortable position, however the echoing sounds of thunder coming from outside, woke him from his dream like state.

“Ugh..Looks like it's morning. What exactly happened yesterday?” Sora thought to himself as he quickly noticed the overwhelming scent of baby powder which caused him to focus his eyes a bit more.

“That's right. I crash landed on this world with Kairi and I'm trying to find a way off it...But then why am I in diapers? That just doesn't make any sense.” Sora started to suck his thumb as he pondered how he got into such a position.

“I remember being helped by a woman...What was her name?... mom....mommy? No, that can't be right, she not my real mom.” Sora sat up to see that Kairi was still sleeping beside him with such a carefree expression.

“But then why does this place feel so natural? Like I've been here my whole life. This doesn't make any sense.” Sora got onto his knees as he looked through the crib bars at the infantile decorations in the room he was in.

“Why am I worried? I Just need to keep myself focused on what is important and that...” Sora cut himself off from his train of thought as he slowly put his left hand on the front of his onesie where his diaper was located at and squeezed the padded undergarment a little.

“I wet myself... That seems different.” Sora thought he would have been more freaked out by the incident, but his composure stayed the same much to his dismay.

“I'll just have mommy change me at some point, I don't think she would like me taking this off or leaving my crib. This is so unfair!” Sora pouted to himself as he sat down and crossed his legs.

“Good morning, Sora....How long...Have you been up for?” Kairi Yawned as she started to rub her eyes after waking up herself.

“Not too long, how are you feeling, Kairi?” Sora asked with concern.

“I'm still feeling a little out of it but for the most part, I'm just fine, though I could use a bath, the material from this outfit is making me sweat a little.” Kairi sat up, opposite to Sora inside the confines of the crib they were in.

“Say Kairi, don't you think that something is a little off about Abyssal? I mean she seems to be a good person but somehow I feel that we are being used for something shady.” Sora stated.

“Don't joke about silly stuff like that Sora., this is how life has always been. If mommy were to hear this, I'm sure you would be on her knees right now.” Kairi began to stretch her arms and legs out, causing her diaper to crinkle.

“Has this been always like this?... It does feel normal, but then again, it feels wrong as well.”

“Looks like you could use a change, I'll get mommy to change us.” Kairi stated as she noticed Sora's onesie was sagging a little.

Kairi began to cry out loud which caused Sora to wet himself further.

“You're kidding me, right?” Sora had a look of disgust at what he was doing.

Sora just stood motionless, as he felt his diaper becoming much warmer.

Kairi continued her bawling which only confused Sora even more.

“Umm...Kairi, I really think we should...”Before Sora could finish his sentence, Abyssal entered the room with a concerned look on her face.

“Oh, Kairi, my little princess, did someone have a little accident again?” Abyssal lowered the crib railings as she gently placed the young girl over her shoulder.

“There is something DEFIANTLY WRONG here!” Sora put his hand on his forehead as he tried to figure out why he was in a nursery, let alone a crib...And wearing such infantile attire.

“You don't feel like you need a change. No matter, I was planning on giving you and Sora a nice warm bath, after all,  we have quite the day ahead of us.” Abyssal kissed Kairi on her nose which caused the redhead to giggle a little bit.

“YAY! That good. Sora went potty.” Kairi continued to giggle to herself as her speech became more juvenile.

“Is that so?” Abyssal placed Kairi on her feet as she reached out to pick up Sora whom seemed to be spaced out.

Abyssal gently picked Sora up by his arms and placed him over her shoulder as she checked his bottom.

“Looks like diapers are a good fit for Sora, don't you think so, Kairi?” Abyssal asked

Kairi clapped and jumped up and down to show her agreement.

“Why can't I move or talk!?” Sora thought to himself as he could feel his heart pumping faster than normal.

Abyssal noticed what Sora's reaction and knew that he was almost ready to be converted like Kairi was.

“Almost there.” She thought to herself.

Abyssal rubbed Sora's back, which started to calm him down.

“Why do I feel so comfortable? Just a moment ago, I felt worried and disgusted, it's just too weird.” Sora stopped thinking to himself as he placed his right thumb into his mouth.

“I'm sure whatever is going on can wait. For now, I just need to be changed.” The young boy took a deep breathe as Abyssal grabbed Kairi's hand and escorted the two out of the room.

“So what fun stuff are we going to do today, mommy!?” Kairi asked as she walked beside Abyssal.

“I thought after we get you two cleaned up, that we should have a little pick nick at a very special location not far from here .” Abyssal smiled back at Kairi, happy to know that the princess had accepted her new role, even though it wasn't natural.

The young woman felt a sense of guilt at what she was doing, but she knew that it was a better option than using force.

As the trio entered one of the many rooms inside the house, Abyssal slowly placed Sora onto a changing table.

Abyssal carefully reviewed Sora's expression to make sure that he wasn't faking it.

“You truly are a special little boy!” Abyssal stated as she kissed Sora on his forehead after noticing his dazed and confused look

“Where are we?” Asked Sora as he struggled to regain his composure.

“This is my guest bathroom. I can't let two dirty babies go outside. I wouldn't be a good mommy, wouldn't I?” Abyssal stated as she pinched Sora's cheek while unbuttoning his onesie and then removing his diaper.

“Why doesn't this feel embarrassing? Sora asked himself as he just kept the back of his head on the changing table.

Abyssal felt really good about her situation, she had taken cautious measures to make sure her plan succeeded and as she lifted the boy off the table, she knew she couldn't relax just yet.

“Now you sit right there, until the warm comfy womfy water reaches your shoulders !” Abyssal stated to Sora in a babyish tone while placing him in a very wide and deep bathtub.

“Everything feels so conflicted, why can't I calm down?.” Sora said to himself as he watched Abyssal walk over slowly remove Kair's onesie after placing her on the changing table.

“And how his my princess feeling today?” Abyssal asks with a motherly tone.

“I'm feeling great. I don't think I wet or messed myself, so that should be good for mommy.” Kairi slurred with her speech as drool dripped from her mouth.

Sora caught glimpse of Kairi's odd behavior as the water started to rise around his waist.

“No this isn't right, Kairi doesn't act like that. This is all a setup for something bad. I need to do something about this.” Sora thought to himself as he continued to suck on his thumb as the water rose to his chest.

“I'm cold!” Kairi stated with a whimper.”

“Don't worry, you will be nice and warm in just a minute.” Abyssal finished removing Kairi's padded undergarment and then gently picked up the young girl and placed the redhead over her shoulder

“WAIT! Kairi is...NAKED!” Sora turned his body so that it was facing the bathroom wall.

“You can't hide from the fact that you still are actually a young man...For now.” Abyssal giggled to herself as she placed Kairi into the bathtub with Sora.

“This feels so good, don't you think so, Sora?” Kairi stated as she placed the back of her head on Sora's shoulder.

“Ya...Really good...Ya.” Sora stuttered with his words.

Abyssal wanted to take a picture of Sora's expression, she couldn't believe how cute, innocent and embarrassed he looked.

“Just stay calm...Stay calm...” Sora continued to suck on his thumb but at a faster pace.

“Sora, you're at the last stage of my ability. Right now, you are doubting yourself which will open your heart to mine and when the time comes...We can finally be a real family.” Abyssal stated in her thoughts as she began to wash Kairi's hair while humming a song that helped calm Sora down a little.

“This is the best!” Kairi though to herself as she closed her eyes as shampoo covered the top portion of her head.

“Something bad is about to happen and I need to be ready for it.” Sora took a deep breathe and shut his eyes.

Chapter 11

For the next ten minutes, Sora struggled with the odd pleasure of having his body and hair washed by Abyssal while avoiding eye contract with Kairi.

“What's wrong Sora? You're so quiet.” Kairi turned her head as she tried figuring out what was wrong with her friend.

“Hehe, you look so cute, sucking your thumb like a baby, hehe.” Kairi giggled as she looked over Sora's shoulder.

“Now, Kairi, it's not nice to make fun of Sora. Besides, aren't you a little rascal yourself? Abyssal stated as she went to pick up Kairi out of the bathtub.

“That's right, i ma baby too!” Kairi started to suck her thumb as Abyssal began to dry her off with a towel.

“Correction, a clean baby” Abyssal stated as she placed Kairi back onto the changing table and started to powder the young girl's bottom.

Sora's face was completely flushed, he was proud of himself for not peeping at Kairi, but the fact that he shared the same bathtub with her was still more than he could bare.

“Now Kairi, I want you to wait in your nursery, while I get Sora dried off, can I trust you with that?” Abyssal stated as she finished diapering her.

“Hehe, that I can do mommy!” Kairi stated as she was led off the changing table.

“Good girl.” Abyssal kissed Kairi on her forehead as the young girl walked began to exit the bathroom.

After hearing Kairi's footsteps fade into the distance, Sora released his thumb from his mouth.

“Sorry to put you through that. It wasn't my intention to make you feel uncomfortable, but it is something that you will eventually have to get used to, give it some time and I guarantee that you won't feel so awkward.” Abyssal picked Sora out of the tub and began to dry him off.

“Looks like someone got a little excited down there.” Abyssal giggled as she placed Sora on the changing table.

“Please don't say that.” Sora felt ashamed at how exposed he felt.

“It's perfectly natural to feel your basic instincts, but it proves how mature you are when you don't act on them. Abyssal stated as she began to powder the boy's lower region.

“I don't exactly feel really mature.” Sora bit his lip as he avoided eye contact with his caretaker.

“Maturity comes in all different forms, the fact that you have protected Kairi up to this point is proof of that.” Abyssal began to place a diaper under the boy's bottom.

“How can I protect Kairi when I'm being treated like a FREAKING BAB...”Sora's vision started to blur as Abyssal finished diapering the boy.

“Oh, Sora, my little keyblade baby. You have done more than enough, just leave the rest to me.” Abyssal places Sora into a gentle embrace.

Sora remained silent, he felt so at peace with himself that he didn't care to ask as to why his attitude suddenly became more calm.

Abyssal gently placed Sora over her shoulder as they exited to the nursery.

MOMMY, MOMMY! Can I wear this! PLEASE PLEASE.” Kairi showed Abyssal a light purple onesie with random decorations on it.

“Looks like my princess has an eye for clothing. I was actually going to ask you if wanted to wear that today, looks like I have my answer to that.” Abyssal placed Sora onto his feet as they entered the nursery.

The young boy kept his head down, even though Kairi wasn't in her birthday suit, she was only wearing  a diaper which was still past his comfort zone.

“Sora, are you all right? You look sick.” Kairi looked over in concern.

“Don't worry about Sora, he's just deep in thought, now let's get my little princess dressed, shall we.” Abyssal stated with a babyish tone which caused Kairi to squeal with joy.

“Why do I feel both comfortable and anxious, this just doesn't add up.” Sora stated to himself as he looked at his hands.

As Abyssal started to put the onesie on Kairi, she couldn't help but notice Sora's continued hesitation.

“To think that he could still have doubts at the stage, he currently at...As expected of a Keyblade Master, such resilience is admirable. But after I feed you your afternoon snack, all your concerns will simply....Fade into darkness.” Abyssal states to herself as she finished buttoning up Kairi's onesie.

'You look so adorable, Kairi. A true, look for a princess, see for yourself.” Abyssal escorts Kairi over to a mirror to review her current outfit.

“I look so cute, but mommy, I'm not a princess.” Kairi replies.

“Oh, and exactly what are you, my little one?”

“I'm a BABY PRINCESS!” Kairi claps her hands together

“Yes, you are. You certainly are. Now could you wait by your crib while I am getting Sora dressed?”

Kairi nods her head as she walks over to where the crib was.

So Sora, how would you like an identical onesie to Kairi's? The only difference is that it's blue, but I think it would be adorable to have matching outfits, don't you think?” Abyssal asks as she grabs the onesie from the closet.

“I appreciate the offer, but don't you have something a bit more adult like? Sora asks as he turns his attention to Abyssal.

“I personally think this onesie fits your mature nature and actually there is something else that can help bring it out more.” Abyssal quickly walks over to a cupboard and pulls out an item from it.

“Now Sora, please open your mouth and say AHH!”

Sora hesitated for a moment before opening it, and as soon as he does, he feels a large rubber pacifier is placed inside.

Sora wanted to spit it out, but before he could object, his vision became slightly blurry for just a second before returning to normal.

“Wow, this pacifier feels great, it's so soothing.”

“Now, my little baby boy, would you please lift your left leg for me? Sora smiles as he lifts his leg so Abyssal could start dressing him.

Kairi watched on as she sat on the end of the crib. She was happy that Sora was smiling.

“That's more like the Sora I know.” She stated to herself.

After buttoning up the onesie, Abyssal gently slaps Sora's padded butt.

“So Sora, are you all comfy womfy?”

Sora nodded as he suckled on his pacifier with joy.

All right, let's head out to the living room to we can head out to start our wonderful day.” Abyssal escorts the two padded youngsters beside her.

As the two take a seat on the couch, Abyssal opens one of her closets and pulls out a large stroller which she brings to the entrance.

“It's a good thing I planned ahead, plenty of diapers, bottles, wipes, and even some coloring books for you two.” Abyssal stated as she pulls out some of the items from the back of the stroller.

“All right, you two, hop on board, we are going to have a super fun trip!” Abyssal states with excitement in her voice.

“Are you ready, baby bro! Hehe” Kairi giggles as she grabs Sora's hand and leads him to the stroller.

“I'll be back in a minute, I just need to get some snacks from the fridge.” Abyssal states as she exits to the kitchen.

“Hey Sora, isn't life just so great, I have you and mommy, nothing else matters.” Kairi states as she hugs her longtime friend as they sit in the stroller.

Sora wanted to remind Kairi that there was something more urgent that required her attention, but as he continued to suckle on his pacifier he couldn't think of what exactly it was.
“If it was urgent, I would have remembered what it was, but right now, all I care about is making sure that Kairi is safe and happy.” Sora hugs his friend back. It was the first time they embraced each other so intimately since Sora returned from being a heartless at Hollow Bastion.

“That's so sweet, now I'm really committed to these two. At first I just wanted the power of the keyblade for the sake of Kingdom Hearts but now, my priority is making sure that I can be the best mother for my two babies.” Abyssal stated to herself as she placed a few sandwiches in a pouch behind the stroller.

“Are you two ready?” Abyssal pushes the stroller out the front door into the cool and moist scenery of the world known as Chronos.

Both Kairi and Sora nod in agreement as they begin to relax while enjoying their ride.

“I'll be taking you two to a very beautiful area where that is surrounded by many different types of flowers and it even has a lake. Let's just hope the weather will stay fair, it's rather common to have rain storms on my home world.” Abyssal states as she continues push the stroller onward to their destination.

After a few minutes, Abyssal could hear Kairi starting to whimper.

“Is something wrong, my baby princess?”

“I need to go potty!” Tears could be seen from Kairi's eyes.

“Oh sweetie, you're wearing your potty, did you forget? I'll change you after we arrive at our destination.” Abyssal chuckled to herself.

“Hehe, I forgot.” Kairi taps her head slightly due to her naive nature.

Sora watches Kairi with concern. He felt guilty since he didn't need to go potty at the moment but knew that eventually he would.

“I'm just a baby, I should just relax and be thankful that Kairi and mommy are here with me.” Sora stated in his mind as he closed his eyes.
Kingdom Hearts: Fading Into Darkness-Chapters 9-11
Wow, it's been over 3 months since I last released a chapter. I did a little spell checking, mostly skimmed through it, hopefully I got most of the spelling errors . Also Kudos to XII34 For the commission pic based on the last part of chapter 11. Hope everyone enjoys it. Of course, feedback is always welcomed...Or a long island ice tea...Yum


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Sorry I haven't updated anything in so long. Since moving to a new state with my job and and a new college. It's been a wild ride to say the least. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I would update more but I've also kinda lost the passion for writing a bit. It's slowly improving but it's not the same. 

Off the subject. I Cannot wait to get my hands on the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat... Just only a few more months!

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